Ore : 12:12 AM

Since the Navy (and by extension, the Marines) kicketed mah po ass out (albeit graciously and as gentlemen -- no complaints of bigotry here), I've sent a few e-mails out.

Guess what: I have a job interview at 3:00 PM tomorrow that I can't make because all my rides pooped out.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.


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Let The Flames Commence

Ore : 7:25 AM

Israel is sending residents of the rocket besieged city of Sderot to Europe to describe their plight, an Israeli official said on Tuesday.
Now I think this could be a pretty smart move, even if it is laying it on a bit thick. IMHO, however, Europeans are slightly more sophisticated consumers of media output than Americans -- many will immediately perceive and recoil at the implied accusations of anti-Semitism. We Americans for the most part tripped over each other to believe Colin Powell's little vial of white powder, and the "Saddam's tossin' babies out the incubators" stories, but Europeans will doubtless act a little more coolly towards an obvious attempt to tug at their heartstrings -- even one centered around real victims of violence.

Indeed, for this to work, it would have to be true that there really is an anti-Israeli bias among European news agencies, and I doubt there is. What I've seen (granted, via satellite television) is condemnation of the violence of both sides, but with a little more disapprobation of Israel -- mainly because Europeans view Israel as a highly Westernized country, and thus such nations as France and Germany tend to judge Israel more by the standards to which they'd like to think they hold themselves...

Anyway, this appearance by Israeli victims of Palestinian violence might carry a little more weight were it not possible for Palestinians to do the exact same thing with wounded survivors of Israeli air strikes.

I call this one a wash for both sides on their respective propaganda fronts.

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"See, I'm the guy who's solemn. Solemn is how I feel today. I'm the solemnizer."

Ore : 11:45 AM

Really, MSNBC, CNN and others would have reported Bush's visit as solemn (and would have repeated the word several times during the coverage) even had he tripped at the podium and let loose his trademark shit-eating smirk throughout the solemn, solemn speech.

(And please spare me any carping about how Memorial Day -- formerly Decoration Day -- is non-partisan. Not only has the excruciating, gaping national wound that is the Bush Presidency moved way beyond the issue of left v. right, war is always about politics. Decisions to go to war, decisions to change strategy during the course of war, are all political decisions, which in a representative democracy are perfectly open to discussion and criticism -- on today of all days.)

From the Decidering Commander Guy on

President George W. Bush paid tribute Monday to America's troops -- "a new generation of fallen leaders"...
"Fallen"? Or cut down by you? This is the state of our union today: people with real leadership qualities get blown up thousands of miles from home and family, while those who have none get to rule America.

"May we always honor them, may we always embrace them and may we always be faithful to who they were and what they fought for."
"Unless they ever disagreed with me and Dick..."

How convenient that the dead can't dissent.

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Fisher House and Hero Miles

Ore : 1:17 PM

Fine and dandy. Wonderful in fact, and doubtless very worthwhile undertakings. But I am troubled why our corporate media talking heads take it as a matter of course -- not one of the Wolf Blitzers or Heidi Collinses bat an eyelash -- that returning veterans and their families must rely so heavily on private charity.

I just can't shake the notion that there is something very wrong here.

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Journalistic Integrity

Ore : 8:27 AM

Wow. David Brooks on CNN: one moment, gleefully and wildly speculating on the nature of Hillary Clinton's sex life, and making the case that this is a story of great importance to the American people...

...And in the next breath, wondering aloud whether the American people are truly served by a story on covert operations in Iran.

Reliable sources my ass.

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Just to be clear...

Ore : 10:52 AM

The recruiter was very, very nice. He told me he didn't want to get me in trouble, and that Jism Nation was just a little too obvious.

Midniter: who knew we were that popular?

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"This is a sovereign nation."

Ore : 8:08 AM

Sorry George, but I'm pretty sure "sovereign" doesn't mean what you think it means. How sovereign can a country be when the Vice President of another country can breeze in and tell their legislature what to do?

PS Not that the U.S. could ever "win" the current occupation, but if we really want to lose spectacularly, we could alienate/detain/kill
this guy. That would guarantee failure.

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Okay, Just One...

Ore : 11:44 PM

Q. Why did the sperm whale suckle on the submarine?

A. Because he liked the taste of seamen!!!@!1!@!!11!!

Bwah, ha ha ha haaaaaa!

Okay, just kill me.

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Uh-oh. Busted.

Ore : 10:16 AM

Bad news, bears (or good, depending on your POV): teh sailors found out about this (NEVER SAFE FOR WORK), and by association (and this seemed somehow worse, go fig...), Freedom Camp. They really do research one, don't they? You'd think they'd be desperate for warm bodies...

And no, no "seamen" jokes today...

Eek, and developing...

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