Another Nail In The Kaffiyeh

Ore : 1:26 PM

Score one to Michelle Malkin. Not because that nasty little clam actually made any sort of substantive point -- when has she ever? -- but because she and her mouth-breathing no-necks have once again successfully muddied the waters to the point where the following is the narrative many media outlets have chosen to take on the issue:

Rachael Ray's controversial... scarf?
We never thought scarves could be "controversial," but then again, we've never had our neckwear critiqued by millions of people. Rachael Ray wore a fringed scarf for a recent Dunkin Donuts ad, and a blogger pointed out that scarf was similar to "the type typically worn by Muslim extremists." Others voiced their opinions and pretty soon, Dunkin Donuts pulled the ad. The New York Times recaps this textbook example of the Web's massive influence.
Now, I'm the first one to applaud any instance of snatching Rachael Ray's dead-clown face off the screen, but really... This is like siccing Ferdinand Marcos on that fat old John Bircher down the block.

Also, bonus to Malkin for getting the
New York Times to notice her for raising the profile of blogs even as her idiocy continues to deeply undermine their usefulness.

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Ari Fleischer and the Bushies

Ore : 8:27 AM

After seeing Ari play the concern troll for McClellan, and the lower level surrogates and operatives do the same (usually shaded with insulting subtexts) on Blitzer and King yesterday, it reminds me that many, if not most, in the Bush Administration are held there by the "Roy Cohn" effect. In other words: "We're puzzled and hurt that you would do this Scotty, because you're our close, personal friend [ie, we know a hell of a lot about you], so heed this warning: start renouncing your own book or we produce the gay hooker whom you've been paying for kinky furry yiffing in public parks."

A nasty, nasty lot, all of them.

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IN RE: Extremely Anecdotal, But Still...

Ore : 1:58 PM

Okay, enough of this. I personally have not met any voters who will vote for McCain because Clinton lost the primary. Fucking stupid. Frankly, all the differences I've seen among the supporters of both have seemed genial and thoughtful and in good sport.

Will people just stop talking about how the Dems are going to self-destruct during this primary? Folks, as much as some might want this to happen, the truth is that people are just so damn happy to see a sight in end to the Bush years. End stop.

Also, these:


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In A Bit of a Funk

Ore : 5:32 PM

And if you are, too, you might like this:

I'm so going to have Glen Hansard's babies...

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