What Are You Doing Today?

Ore : 12:07 PM

I'm posting this, then going back to reading until the bf picks me up from my parents (he's off goldpanning in Yuba Co.) Ann Althouse apparently hasn't stopped drinking since Thursday evening.

Bon weekend!

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The Hermit of Stink Hollow

Ore : 5:08 PM

No. Absolutely Not.

David Brooks, Tom Brokaw, Brit Hume, et alia can kiss the American people's collective ass. The country has spoken, leaving Barack Obama under no obligation to nominate a Likudnik colonialist to head the Department of Defense, a creationist oil lobbyist to the Department of the Interior, or a parks-his-RV-at-Wal-Mart zygote licker to the Supreme Court.

We won, bitches. Get over it.

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It Has Been

Ore : 8:35 PM

A long, long, long, nasty, rotten, poisonous past 8 years.



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