Afghan Children's Charity Evicted?!?

Ore : 4:37 PM

This just makes me throw up.

One reason we stuck around in Afghanistan was because we wanted to help people. Who in Afghanistan could possibly need our help more than
these kids?

Excuse me while I have a cry...

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Do We Have To Check The Closet, Condi?

Ore : 9:18 AM

Some of us, when we were kids, sometimes used to cheat when cleaning our rooms: we'd shove stuff under the bed, haphazardly pile sundries in the closet, sweep crud under the rug. It's a habit Condoleeza Rice, in keeping with the immature nature of the Bush White House, has failed to grow out of. See, when the numbers in the annual terrorism report turned out to be rather PR-unfriendly, instead of being offered candor, we are yet again offered Condi.

Specifically, she decided to dump the report altogether.

And the ever-intrepid corporate media, being the good parental units that they are, have declined to check in the closets or under the bed. I suppose I understand: Condi has such a stellar track record, why shouldn't they give her the benefit of the doubt?

(Thanks to SusanHu at Booman Tribune. You are a peach, Susan!)


In other news, Kasabian is music for stinky, obnoxious assholes by stinky, obnoxious assholes.

There, I said it.

UPDATE: I was wrong to rag on Kasabian without offering a better alternative. So here: The Raveonettes' Love In A Trashcan is fun and reminds me of that time I felt up that hot, greasy, rockabilly poser guy at Zeitgeist back in '97.

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今日は 栗山 千明 日である!

Ore : 6:57 AM

That's right folks: I hereby proclaim today, Friday, April 15th 2005 to be Chiaki Kuriyama Day! Go forth and observe this auspicious holiday in an honorable, kick-ass manner, ideally by catching Battle Royale or The Sixth Sayoko (六番目の小夜子). Or, yes, Kill Bill Vol. 1.


(Thanks to Chiaki Fandom for pic).

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Hang Separately?

Ore : 10:54 AM

This kind of bullshit speaks to one huge obstacle to America realizing justice for itself. Now, these kinds of things happen too often. And, as always, I'm disgusted with the perpetrator and hope for the best for his victim (as it is, she's expected to survive, but I don't yet know just how serious her injuries are). But the crime also underlines one of true liberalism's handicaps: a deadly lack of solidarity among America's poor and disenfranchised.

The truth is, you'd be hard pressed to find someone more willing to rat out, torture, rob, hurt or murder a poor person than another poor person.

Clearly, Cooksey's motive was robbery, an activity people who have money don't normally engage in. What we should keep in mind is that the toll worker -- like many MUNI drivers, PG&E poll climbers, SBC operators, et alia -- are most often far more successful products of the same background as Cooksey. And while AP has spun this story as indicative of a need to reevaluate bridge security (read, "Terrorism On The Golden Gate! OH, NOOOOO!!!"), IMHO, the real implications of this crime and crimes like it are far more immediate and far more frightening.

"We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately."

Read the story: "Golden Gate Bridge Security Reevaluated"

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Good-bye, Tundra

Ore : 9:57 AM

Sweet, shy, always friendly with the other critters at Dog Shit Park, and always ready with a sloppy kiss -- we will miss you, girl.


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From The "Upton Sinclair Revisited" Dept.

Ore : 12:35 PM

Well, since the Right is busy fighting WIC, healthcare, the minimum wage, Social Security, the New Deal, and various and sundry other protections for the poor, I guess we've got to cut corners somewhere (via Atrios):

The program, the Children’s Environmental Exposure Research Study, or CHEERS, would pay the parent of a baby up to $970 if they expose their child to household pesticides and other toxins over a two-year period. The parents are also given a camcorder, which they can keep, to tape the child’s activities and reactions.

Interested in making a few bucks?

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Ore : 1:03 PM

I would love to discuss Cornyn, election fraud, and the GOP's continual overreaching.

Unfortunately I am a mere peasant unworthy of discussing these issues of great import, and though Spring is upon us, the remaining cold is still too much for my father's poor, achy joints. I must forthwith venture into the wild and gather kindling for a fire.

I am somewhat hopeful that I will be abducted by Baba Yaga.

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A Fox Mid-Season Replacement, Perhaps?

Ore : 2:15 PM

Today, Riverbend turns her wry, withering gaze to the typically execrable offerings of American television, and cracks out a bang-up pitch for a new reality show:

Take 15 Bush supporters and throw them in a house in the suburbs of, say, Falloojeh for at least 14 days.

Riverbend, baby, let's do lunch. And here are some headshots to tide you over until we've finalized casting:

Jonah Goldberg
Kathryn Lopez
Ann Coulter
Pastor Swank
Doug Giles
Robert Novak
Michelle Malkin
Peggy Noonan
Kaye Grogan
Kerry Marsala
Justin Darr
Ben Shapiro
Andrew Sullivan
Debra Saunders
John Derbyshire

Marvel as Derby stones Sully for buggery! Gasp in horror as a heavily medicated Noonan discover's Ann's dark, throbbing secret, only to be disbelieved by everyone else in the house because of, you know, Noonan's *glug-glug*! Chuckle uncomfortably as Ms. Maglalang swats off the amorous advances of the Virgin Ben, and everyone does his or her best to avoid the reek of Novak's tit-sweat!

And to add honey to the pot, as it were, force them to compete for looted Babylonian tablets. Weekly competitions can include speeding unannounced through checkpoints in cars with tinted windows.

I’d not only watch *that* reality show, I’d tape every episode.

Amen, sister, a-fucking-men.

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