Khalid Is Back!!!

Ore : 3:27 PM

It's all a mystery for now -- maybe his abduction was getting too much attention? In any case, he promises more info later.

Look forward to it.

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Free Khalid Jarrar!

Ore : 3:38 PM

I suppose it was only a matter of time. An Iraqi criticizing the CPA and the Bush White House and mercenaries and such can only go so far before being picked up by the Donald Rumsfeld-controlled mukhabarat (formerly, as some astute readers may recall, Saddam's secret police). It's the sort of thing the Bush admin would love to do to many people in America, and could if it weren't for that whole pesky Constitution thing.

Raed (also in my blogroll to the right there) has the skinny. You can also read something about it at Riverbend's blog, also in my roll to the right. In addition to keeping informed, you can help out: write to the Iraqi Consulate (, write to your senators and representatives, write to your local paper. Just make some noise!

Khalid's is a smart, sensitive, funny and unique voice that desperately needs to be heard by as many people as possible. I have often read his informative (and often enjoyably snarky) missives, and have been remiss in not adding him to my blogroll earlier. I be fixin' to rectify that right now...

UPDATE: Including a pic above and a link to this petition.

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Ore : 1:12 PM

I am (respectively) hot and bothered for the gorgeous and talented Sufjan Stevens.


He really plucks my banjo, if you know what I mean, and I think you don't...

Hot links (pass 'em around):

Asthmatic Kitty
- The self-important weenies at Pitchfork Media deign to review "
Come on! Feel the Illinoise!"
- Since you've all been such dear lambs, here's a
recent interview with the ingenious Stevens, courtesy of Gapers Block.

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Miss Cleo Gives Preview of Response to London Bomb Attacks

Ore : 9:52 AM

Expect these lines from the Corner (of Reichstag and Goss), WorldNutDaily, the Freepers, LGF, etc.:

"England brought it on herself by quailing in the face of Islamofascism, by not supporting Blair and by pledging to pull their troops out of Iraq."

You heard it here first. That'll be $3.99 -- it's in the cards, mon!

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Fucked Up Ad of the Day

Ore : 2:42 PM

You know why you're sitting in the corner, you little shit. You tried to cut Daddy's brake fluid lines just so you could collect the insurance. Consider yourself lucky; next time, it's the cage.

Joke's on you -- this new policy doesn't cover in case of suicide or suspicious car accidents. Nice try, junior.

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Ore : 11:07 AM

I was going to write about my dead cat Molly, but I have to wait until tomorrow.

Oh, and by the way, getting your fingertips slammed in a closing tail-gate REALLY FUCKING HURTS GODDAMMIT!

Okay, more later...

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